1. How much do you charge for tax preparation?

You can get an instant quote by completing our online fee form.

2. Do you prepare individual income tax returns?

We only prepare individual taxes for corporate tax clients as a supplemental service. We are no longer offering it as a standalone service.

3. Do you prepare corporate income tax returns?

Yes, we do. We prepare income tax returns for corporations, S corporations, and LLCs. We do not prepare returns for trusts and non-profits.

4. Who prepares the tax returns?

All of the tax returns are prepared by our CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or EA (Enrolled Agent) with decades of tax preparation experience. You can verify our credentials on the IRS Preparer Directory.

5. What do I do to have your firm prepare my tax return?

All you need to do to have us prepare your tax return is complete our Tax Preparation Checklist. Once you complete the entire checklist, we will start working on your return.

6. So I don't need to make an appointment?

Not at all! With today's technology, we can accomplish everything via the internet. You just have to complete the Tax Preparation Checklist on our website, and we will take it from there. This process saves you the time from sitting in a tax office all day, and it also allows us to take our time preparing your return without any time pressure. Additionally, most clients miss a few tax documents, so this eliminates multiple trips. Just submit everything online.

7. Do you accept tax appointments?

Yes, we have limited appointments available during the tax season. We charge $50 for a 25-min tax appointment with either a CPA or EA. We recommend you complete the Tax Preparation Checklist prior to your appointment to maximize your appointment. You can book an appointment here.

8. Are appointments required to have my taxes prepared?

Not at all! In fact, we prepare most of our tax returns without ever meeting our tax clients in person. We communicate with all of our clients throughout the preparation process and review their returns with them remotely. We find this to be the most effective and accurate way to prepare tax returns. Additionally, our clients have unlimited email access to us.

9. When can I submit my checklist?

We accept tax checklists from February to October for the corresponding tax season. If you are looking to have your taxes prepared outside of the season, please email us before submitting your checklist.

10. What do I need to gather to complete the Tax Preparation Checklist?

You will need to gather all of your tax documents. One of the checklist steps is for you to upload your tax documents. If you are unsure if something is relevant, just upload it anyway, and we will review everything for relevancy. For corporations, you will need your company Profit & Loss Statement and the Balance Sheet.

11. I don't have a scanner, can I drop off or mail my tax documents?

You don't need a scanner! You can just use your smart phone to take a photo and upload directly from your phone when you complete Step 3 of the Tax Preparation Checklist. We only accept tax documents electronically for confidential and organizational reasons.

12. How will I know if you are working on my tax return?

We will send you an email to let you know if you are missing anything on the checklist. If you have completed the entire checklist, we will let you know that we have received everything and will be working on your tax return.

13. How will I know when my tax return is done?

We will reach out to you with questions during our preparation or let you know when it is done. We will provide you with a summary of your tax dues or refunds, as well as review your tax return with you if you have any questions. We never file a return without your permission.

14. What if I have questions about my tax return?

You can reach us anytime at or directly to your assigned tax preparer. We respond to all emails within 24 hours.

15. I have reviewed my tax return, and I'm ready to file it. What's next?

We will email you an E-File Authorization Form for you to sign online. That authorizes us to e-file your tax return on your behalf.

16. Will my tax return be e-filed?

Yes. We electronically file all tax returns prepared within the tax season. Tax returns from prior years will need to be filed by mail as the IRS only accepts electronic returns during the corresponding tax season. We only e-file your return after we have received your signed E-File Authorization Form.

17. When can I expect my tax refund?

Tax refund processing time is typically 10-15 days. You can check the status of your refund on the IRS website or the CA FTB website.

18. Can you please file an extension for me?

Yes, for corporate returns only. Just complete the Pay Fee form (Step 4 on the Tax Preparation Checklist) and select ‘Extension.’

19. I filed an extension. Does that mean I don't have to file and pay for taxes until October?

No. This is a very common misnomer. Extensions only apply to the filing of taxes, not payment of taxes. If you have a tax liability, you are still required to pay it by April 15. If you don't have a tax liability, then you can file your tax return by October without incurring penalties.

20. How would I know if I have a tax liability?

If your tax situation is similar to the previous year, your best guess would be your prior year's tax return. If your tax situation is significantly different than the previous year, then you are better off filing your tax return by the April 15 deadline to know if you have any tax liability.

21. Still got questions?

Email us!