Bookkeeping Pricing


We customize our bookkeeping service packages to the specific needs of each client.  You only pay for what you need.  That's how we are able to provide premium services at affordable prices.

Below is a sample of our clients under different pricing models that cater to their accounting needs.

Sample Pricing Models


Cash-basis bookkeeping with quarterly financial reports. Designed for sole proprietors.


Perfect for small businesses with a few employees. Standard services include monthly financial reports, one-on-one financial planning, and payroll.


All-inclusive full-service accrual bookkeeping, including full payroll processing, bill payments, sales recording by type, financial reporting, and financial analysis.

Sample Clients




grab-n-go cafe

Angela owns a neighborhood casual cafe serving freshly-made smoothies and salad bowls.  She has 1 business bank account and 1 business credit card with combined transactions of 100-200 a month.

Angela retained AMC after a tax audit, so she can gain clarity into her finances.  AMC created a custom accounting system for Angela and provides quarterly financial review, taking out all the guesswork during tax time.



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Beer & Wine Store

Trevor sells beer and wine to an average of 100 customers a day. The store also has a 40-seat bar with beer and wine on tap.  He uses a POS to track his sales and inventory, and he has 10-15 employees depending on the season. Monthly bank transactions are more than 300 a month.

Upon retention, AMC cleaned up and corrected extensive mistakes on Trevor's books. AMC designed an accounting system for the AP, sales, payroll, and record-keeping processes. Trevor now has total clarity into his business' financials.


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24-hour Cafe

Debra owns a cafe that is open 24 hours.  She has over 100 employees and offers 24/7 food delivery to her customers.  She has multiple bank accounts and credit cards that add up to over 600 transactions a month.

AMC provides Debra all-inclusive accounting service including payroll processing, monthly financial reporting, and unlimited consultation. Debra replies upon the information provided by AMC to make key business decisions. The cafe has increased revenue year over year.


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Alice is the most efficient, helpful, patient, meticulous, and kind accountant I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with.
— Ali B.